What we do

What we do

Since 1989 we have been striving to preserve Venetian printing traditions aided by our passion, reckless enthusiasm and particularly by two Heidelberg printing presses much older than we are.

Typographic Printing Technique

Thanks to an ink roller, a pressure plate and a lockable typographic form, we have the printing system. Hardly anybody uses it anymore but it remains our particular way of working.

Today, with our Heidelberg Platen, we still create original works one by one, using image plates and lead type that we put together by hand.

Offset Printing

The offset method is similar to that of lithography, except that instead of the sheet of paper being printed from direct contact with the stone or the zinc plate, the printing is done using three cylinders in contact with each other (it also inspired the choice of our logo true to our printing DNA). In offset printing the print quality has more definition and is therefore sharper. It is based on the principle that oil, including inks, and water do not mix. The ink is transferred from the plate to the rubber cylinder and from there to the paper.